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Buy Crown Moldings Online !!HOT!!

Thank you so much for the beautiful crown molding and the advise that you offered in not using the corners. Now that I understand the process better, I am delighted with the outcome. We will use you again.

buy crown moldings online

Our company has now purchased over $50,000.00 in products from your outfit in the past year. We have found your service and products to be wonderful in all regards. Now that you also feature Fypon moldings, you will be seeing even more of us. Keep up the good work. has the largest selection of crown moldings, and millwork on the web with over 6,500 products including balustrade systems, dentil molding, faux wood beams, exterior vinyl shutters, ceiling medallions, fypon column wraps, fiberglass columns, and other great products to improve your home.

While we only offer the highest quality products, sometimes our shipping costs or prices are out of whack. If you feel that our shipping cost or product cost is too high, please call us at 888-610-5990 or email us at and we will see what we can do for you. You can also use our chat feature.

Whether it is classic or contemporary, architectural products' 100% recycled polystyrene plain crown moldings. Our plain crown moldings are used to decorate a ceiling in many creative ways adding an architectural focal point to any room with style and beauty. Our plain crown moldings are extruded showing extreme care for its crisp lines which provides an elegant detail.

Crown molding has the ability to add beauty to any room. The benefit of foam (EPS) crown molding is that it does not shrink, it is ready to paint and installation can be easily done by one person as the molding is lightweight and comes in 6.t ft lengths.

Crown molding has the ability to add beauty to any room. Dentil design on this one is a nice feature. The benefit of foam (EPS) crown molding is that it does not shrink. Cuts easily with a miter saw or fine-tooth blade.

Inside Crown Corner Blocks add a decorative element in corners where crown mouldings meet. They eliminate the need for difficult compound mitre cuts during the installation of crown moulding. Manufactured from solid American hardwood, this crown corner may be clear coated, stained or painted to match your existing decor. Simplify crown moulding installation and add an architectural touch to any room with American hardwood crown corner blocks.

Crown moulding is the most recognized architectural feature that can add value to your space. Ornamental Mouldings hardwood crown moulding bring an elegant look to your decor with its classic rope design. This moulding can add the illusion of height to your ceilings as the subtle rope embossing creates visual interest. This decorative crown blends beautifully into older homes but is also well suited to newer constructions. Also, available are matching rope chair rail panel moulding, rope baseboard floor moulding, rope casing, and decorative trim moulding.

Crown moulding is the most recognized architectural feature that can add value to your space. This egg and dart crown pattern is very traditional and can be seen in much of the architectural elements of European and North American architecture. The deep embossing creates a rich and highly ornamental crown which blends beautifully into an older home or can add a touch of old world charm to newer constructions.

Installation of our foam crown molding has never been easier with 8 foot, 4 foot and 6 1/2 foot lengths. We sell them in multiples styles and heights from 2 inches to 13 inches tall. Browse our inventory now!

If you desire a 6 1/4\" classic crown molding to bring out the best in your house, Focal Point Products' St. James profile may be perfect for your space. Each complete crown molding room kit includes mounting clips and screws, molding pieces, our patented corner and connector pieces to easily install crown molding yourself. All of our kits come primed and ready to paint or stain - complete with a bead of caulk and you'll be amazed by the professional results!

At Focal Point Products our mission is to bring crown molding to the DIY market. Each crown molding style featured on our site is completely DIY and requires next to no carpentry skills to install. In fact, the installation of our crown molding kits requires only a handful of common household tools.

Focal Point Products is one of the leading DIY crown molding manufacturers in the world, with a heritage of 50 years. Our crown molding has been featured on the DIY Network and This Old House, and is carried at select Home Depot Stores throughout the United States.

With over 150 unique, historic & proprietary plaster molding designs (many 100+ years old), we're confident that you'll find one of ours to be the key to achieving architectural sophistication within your project. In plaster, Brockwell offers decorative crown moldings, panel moldings, and frieze moldings.

Any changes to your order must be made prior to returning the initial invoice or placing your order from an electronic invoice. Any order changes must be submitted in writing for approval. We encourage you to carefully review the products you select and your invoice for details about your order. After you return the invoice (either a signed invoice or electronic invoice) or submit your order online, orders cannot be changed or canceled without a charge. This includes placing an order directly online. Once we have started production or ordered materials for your order, the cancellation charge may vary -- and in some cases -- we may not be able to cancel your order without full payment. The customer is responsible for any fees associated with credit card payment refunds. After an order has shipped, it cannot be canceled.We will be sure to notify you if - for some reason - we must cancel or change your order. Brockwell Incorporated does not charge you a fee if we are the party to initiate the cancellation of your order. Brockwell Incorporated reserves the right to cancel any order at any time without liability to you other than refund of the the prepaid amounts.RETURNED CHECKS & CHARGEBACKSIn accordance with Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code, in the event your check or credit card charge is returned to us unpaid, you agree to pay us a $25 service fee plus any cost to Brockwell Incorporated for collection of the balance (which includes and is not limited to, our reasonable attorneys' fees), related bank fees, plus any late payment fees until the amount owed to Brockwell is paid in full and in good funds. We may halt production of the product(s) until we receive certified funds, but you will remain responsible for the full amount of the order. After you return a signed quotation or complete your purchase via an electronic invoice that we e-mail, you remain responsible for full payment of (and agree to pay) the amount stated in the quotation, in good funds, until we agree (or the law determines) otherwise. This also applies to invoices emailed to the customer and orders placed via electronic invoices.In the event that you or your customer receives goods before 100% of the payment has been made or while you are insolvent, we retain a purchase money security interest in the goods, and your quotation serves as our demand for reclamation of the goods, until we receive full payment in good, final, and irrevocable funds. By placing an order online with Brockwell Incorporated, you agree that 'Brockwell Incorporated' is the only company name that will show up on your statement.

There are variety of different decorative moldings. Our largest range consists of crown moldings which can be used as either decorative exterior crown moldings or decorative interior crown moldings. Most crown moldings can be made in flexible material for specific project requirements. In fact, most mouldings we offer can be custom made for projects that require flexible molding. We have a category of pre-formed rigid flex that may work, while almost all other profiles may be ordered as custom flexible mouldings. In addition to the crown moldings, there is a wide range of chair rails, casings, fascias, and friezes, as well as panel moldings and baseboard moldings. Certain molding profiles can be customized with dentil trim and we also carry a line of miter free moldings that can be used with molding blocks, such as Focal Point's Quick Clips molding installation system and Focal Point's Moulding Mates. Also available are wide range of flat trim that can be used for many different applications.

Offering a full line of structural load-bearing columns and decorative column wraps and covers. Our line consists of a wide range of round tapered and non-tapered columns, round fluted columns, square fluted columns, square recessed columns and round twisted columns. To enhance your decor add the perfect balance of architecturally detailed recessed column wraps, raised column wraps, fluted column wraps and simple plain column wraps. Column crowns and bases are also available to enhance the detail of all columns.

For the Do-It-Yourself, these decorative home kits simplify your DIY projects by providing you with the parts necessary to tackle projects from entry ways to entire crown packages for rooms of various sizes. 041b061a72


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