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The Infernal Walker [NEW]

His Eminence Francis Cardinal George is an amazing tight rope walker and fence straddler almost without a peer. My only concern for those who try and match his deft handling of two contradictory positions is that their eternity might be spent with one half of their person in bliss and the other in the infernal tanning parlor. Bummer!

The Infernal Walker

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The provisions of this "bill of abominations" may be practically forced upon us by the mad folly of the Radicals, if they continue in power; negro suffrage may be enforced at the point of the bayonet on a disarmed and helpless people, whose only crime is a gallant defence of what they honestly believed to be right. The infernal and ineradicable hatred of the New England Yankee Radicals to the Southern people may glut itself by forcing this obnoxious policy upon us, but let it never be said that the manhood and principle of the South have sunk so low as to consent to it as right, or endorse it by making it even in form law. 041b061a72


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