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Download Garmin Mobile Xt 5.00.60 Full ((NEW))

The very first Garmin handheld unit included Bluetooth functionality. The next generation of Bluetooth enabled units, the Vivoactive, made this functionality a part of the sales pitch. But the software required for Bluetooth communications is complicated. In a way, youre dealing with two different types of Bluetooth radios communicating with each other. Namely, the Garmin unit communicating with the phone over Bluetooth and the phone communicating with the Garmin unit over Bluetooth. While this is a change from the Garmin past of having to manually set up Garmin-to-GPS communications, the integration is also more complicated than having a single unit communicate with the GPS.

download garmin mobile xt 5.00.60 full

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The Vivoactive, with its new Bluetooth Smart functionality, was the first unit to sell in large numbers. While many consumers were impressed with the new Bluetooth Smart feature set, some found other aspects of the unit to be less than stellar. For instance, the battery life for the unit was poor. I mentioned the battery life in the review, but didnt have much time to work on it. In fact, it was mostly my fault. When I gave the unit to my wife, I gave her a few batteries to help with the issue. My wife isnt a gear head. She does have a Garmin BASEcamp account, but that was basically in name only. Therefore the problems I encountered in using the unit are really my fault.

Regardless of the final verdict on the new Bluetooth Smart functionality, it seems that the consumer reception has been good for Garmin. As the Vivoactive is being replaced with the Vivofit 2 and Garmin has produced a slew of new units since last years release that are Bluetooth Smart enabled, it seems that interest in the newer technology is on the rise.


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