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[S1E2] Purple Giraffe UPDATED

After seeing Robin on MacLaren's Pub's television, Ted runs to "accidentally" meet her at a location where she is reporting (where a child is stuck inside a crane machine after trying to get to a purple giraffe) and informs her he is throwing a party. His plan is to take her up to the roof of his apartment and make his move there. Because of Robin's absence from the first party, Ted ends up extending the party for two more days just so she can attend and he can have his chance at dating her.

[S1E2] Purple Giraffe

Ted: [on the phone] Oh, Robin. Hey, yeah, guess you never showed up did you?Robin: No, I got stuck at work, but they finally got that kid out of the crane machine.Ted: Did he get to keep the purple giraffe?Robin: Yeah, they let him keep all the toys. He was in there a long time and little kids have smaller bladders.

Do you remember the adorable Jae Head as S.J. Tuohy in The Blind Side? Of course you do. But did you recognize him from these two roles on very well known shows? Probably not. He was stuck in the crane machine to get his purple giraffe in How I Met Your Mother (top) and he was also Bo Miller alongside the amazing TIm Riggins in Friday Night Lights (bottom). 041b061a72


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