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Scuffham Amps S Gear 2 Crack Hea _VERIFIED_

To the thread starter (I'm not sure if he's still around), have a look in the link in my signature and watch videos and gear setup links to hundreds of bands using kempers live (and on albums). Some replace all their amp gear with Kemper, some just parts of it, and some keep everything.It's a matter of personal choice, economical and emotional factors. Some want to keep their expensive, fragile, heavy amps at home, and have a copy of it playing live in a low weight unit.Other reasons some don't want to get rid of all amp gear is the deep psychological emotional attachment many have of their loved amps.Few groups are more gear-conservative than guitarists, the kemper is not the physical amp it profiled.The real amps are also the source for profile creation, so many will not sell their amp collection since then they can't make more profiles, with new mics, cabs etc. Why do some keep their old cars when new ones are available?

Scuffham Amps S Gear 2 Crack Hea

My Review: Scuffham Amps was founded in 2011, by former Marshall designer Mike Scuffham, with an intention to bring the sound of vintage amps into the digital domain. Their Amp modeler, S-Gear, definitely was a huge step in that direction when it launched that same year. S-gear offered models of boutique and vintage amps in an easy to use and intuitive interface and is still considered one of the best products out there when it comes to replicating vintage amps.

Amps and Effects Library: S-gear comes with 5 main amps, all modeled after famous vintage amps like the Fender Bassman, but most of them have channels that are a combination of 1-2 types of amps and not complete copies. The amp models are super dynamic, as is often required in styles like Blues, R&R, and Bebop. S-gear also features a large variety of cabinets and microphones. 350c69d7ab


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