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"Friends" The One With The Sonogram At The End(...

"The One with the Sonogram at the End" is the second episode of the first season of the NBC television series Friends. It was first broadcast on September 29, 1994. In this episode, Ross (David Schwimmer) processes his ex-wife Carol's (Anita Barone) pregnancy and supports her as she goes through her first sonogram, though he clashes with Susan (Jessica Hecht) over the name of the baby. Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) struggles to balance her emotions as she ends her relationship with Barry (Mitchell Whitfield), and Monica (Courteney Cox) becomes increasingly irate with her parents, eventually spilling the details of Ross's failed relationship that he failed to mention to them.

"Friends" The One with the Sonogram at the End(...

Ross arrives and tells everyone Carol is pregnant, while Phoebe finds the engagement ring in the lasagne. Ross tells his friends that Carol and her lesbian life partner Susan want him to be involved, but only if he is comfortable with it. Ross informs the group that Carol and Susan have invited him to go to their first sonogram appointment the next day. He is still processing the fact that he has become a father, and does not know where he fits in with two lesbian mothers.

Ross is hesitant to be at the sonogram and asks how he can be involved. When he asks about naming the child, Carol and Susan give first names that Ross says will sound silly with his surname Geller. Carol and Susan break it to Ross that his surname will not be used as they intend to use their names Willick-Bunch, with Susan spitefully telling him that the baby is hers and Carol's, not his. Ross realizes he is not ready to be involved and turns to leave as the doctor finds the baby's heartbeat. He stays and decides to become involved.

  • Tropes Establishing Character Moment: Judy and Jack Geller quickly establish their favoritism towards Ross and, on Judy's side, her finding fault with everything Monica does. On Jack's side, he stands up for Monica, but his encouragement comes off as Compliment Backfire.

  • Foreshadowing: Phoebe mentions her twin sister who's a waitress, setting up the later introduction of Ursula. May also double as an Actor Allusion to Lisa Kudrow originally playing Ursula on Mad About You.

  • The Ghost: This marks the first "appearance" of Ugly Naked Guy, the neighbor across the street. Chandler notes that he's using a Thigh Master.

  • Neat Freak: Monica's obsession with cleanliness begins here, prompted by a need to make sure her apartment has nothing her mother can criticise.

  • The Other Darrin: Carol in this episode is played by a different actress than the one who would portray her for the other couple of dozen times she would show up in the rest of the series.

  • Returning the Wedding Ring: Rachel is meeting with Barry to give back her engagement ring. She briefly loses it the night before and it eventually turns up inside the lasagna she helped Monica make.

  • Shout-Out: The gang is watching Three's Company.Chandler: Oh, I think this is the episode of Three's Company where there's some kind of misunderstanding. Phoebe: Oh, then I've already seen this one. [turns off TV]

  • When Carol wants to name the baby Minnie, Ross says "as in Mouse?"

  • As Ross shows the others the sonogram of his baby, the guys can't tell what it's supposed to be, and Chandler quips that "I think it's about to attack the Enterprise."

  • The Unfavorite: Jack and Judy Geller's first appearance quickly establishes that they view Monica as this. Even when Ross reveals why he and Carol broke up, and that she's currently pregnant, Judy gets mad at Monica for not telling them.Monica: They say you can't choose your parents, but boy if you could (points at Ross) I'd want yours. Chandler also jokes that he had an Imaginary Friend that his parents preferred over him.



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