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the number one reason why product mail service is not as effective and flexible as you need is that youre lacking an easy way to reach your admin person at enron to request features, figure out how to set them up and then make sure your product is still working as expected. the need is to go from a potential customer to someone who can successfully turn that potential into a sale. unfortunately, if the customer cannot get through to their admin person, its impossible to do so.

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to manually back up a database or database files such as access, excel and sql server, you must have a blank copy of your database or database files, all application files must be closed down and disconnected, and every user must log off.a. using the proper tool to make a backup can help save your work. in fact, a backup could save your work or even your life. but the thing is not everybody knows the right way of doing backups. so how to make the perfect backup? it is through a tool named backup and restore.

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