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[S2E2] Brazil !!TOP!!

A comprehensive literature search was conducted to identify articles containing information on type 2 diabetes in Brazil. The following PubMed search strategy was used: ("diabetes mellitus" [MeSH Terms] OR ("diabetes" [All Fields] AND "mellitus" [All Fields]) OR "diabetes mellitus" [All Fields] OR "diabetes" [All Fields] OR "diabetes insipidus" [MeSH Terms] OR ("diabetes" [All Fields] AND "insipidus" [All Fields]) OR "diabetes insipidus" [All Fields]) AND ("brazil" [MeSH Terms] OR "brazil" [All Fields]). The search was limited to articles published in Portuguese, English or Spanish between 2000 and October 2011, without any restrictions on the study design or the level (national or regional) at which the data were collected.

[S2E2] Brazil

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