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For extremely low temperatures, ordinary winter clothing is usually not insulated enough. A thickly lined down parka with high-quality down filling, on the other hand, can withstand arctic cold. If a normal winter coat offers insufficient protection from the cold at -30 Celsius, a warm expedition jacket makes you feel comfortable even at -40.

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But down parkas are not automatically expedition wear. Expedition jackets for the Arctic or Antarctic are also very warmly lined, but outdoor parkas for winter adventures in Scandinavia, Canada or Alaska are also extremely warm. For residents of and visitors to polar regions and in the high mountains, warmly lined parkas and down jackets with winter boots and warm gloves are part of the basic winter equipment.

Specialised companies manufacturing winter parkas, such as Canada Goose, 66 North or Lundhags, use goose down or duck down as filling material for their down parkas. The insulation strength and thermal performance of the Arctic Parka depends on the fill power of the down and the amount of fill. For high-quality down jackets, down with a fill power between 700 Cuin and 900 Cuin is the preferred quality. These ensure the best insulation and are wonderfully light at the same time.

With its long cut, the parka provides comfortable warmth and also prevents cold from entering the jacket from below. As with an outdoor coat or Arctic coat, a winter parka guarantees very good thermal performance even in windy conditions. Wind resistant or windproof outer materials minimise dangerous wind chill.

In dry cold weather, a down parka does not necessarily have to be waterproof, because snow and ice do not get the parka very wet. A water-repellent dry treatment or DWR finish is very useful as protection. Treating the down against moisture is also practical for down parkas. Hydrophobe down hardly absorbs any moisture and therefore does not clump together when wet. As a result, the down retains its fill power in the long term and does not lose its insulating properties.

Whether you want an oversized padded parka, fitted wool coat or plush puffer, Zara has all of the coat trends you could think of, as well as price tags that go from affordable to luxe. The Long Fleece Coat is at the top of my list because it just looks ultra-cozy and chic, plus it has a 31 percent discount right now.

Shopping for anything online can be a little tricky, but it's not totally impossible. First, you need to ask yourself some key questions: Will you be wearing this everyday? Will you be wearing it to the office or only out to dinner? What style do you prefer? How cold is it where you live? What color do you prefer? I asked national TV host and stylist Catenya McHenry for some tips for how to find the perfect winter coat online.

McHenry suggests trying before you buy, even if you are in love with a coat online. "It might be less time consuming to first find a local store that may sell the coat you like," McHenry advises, so you don't have to deal with returning a jacket that doesn't fit right. Popping by a store also "gives you a chance to try it on and helps you decide if it's too heavy or if you can wear it over several layers without feeling bulky or getting too hot."

Buying a jacket online that fits beautifully is actually a surprisingly simple process if you take a few comparison measurements off one of your own jackets. Our size charts are below in both centimetres and inches.

On completion of your online order, an order confirmation will automatically be sent to the e-mail address registered to your account. If you do not receive an order confirmation or if you have any other questions, please contact our customer service team. Please note that the order confirmation is only intended to inform you that we will start processing your order. We will send you a delivery confirmation as soon as availability of the product(s) has been confirmed and the item(s) can be delivered.

When ordering online, the prices stated on the website shall apply. All prices on the website are given in GBP (or EUR) and include applicable VAT. Shipping charges may be added to your order in accordance with our shipping terms and conditions. All applicable taxes and duties are included in the final purchase price when you place your order and there are no additional charges upon delivery.

When ordering online, the prices stated on the website shall apply. All prices on the website are given in GBP/EUR/USD and include applicable VAT. Shipping charges may be added to your order in accordance with our shipping terms and conditions.

We started with second-hand parkas. Then we manufactured our own and then we found the original German military parkas - as good as they get. We also expanded to offer other products that you are always looking for but can never find, like sheepskin slippers and leather whisky and wine bags. Today, we sell you the best parkas, the best slippers, and the best unique leather products in South Africa. 041b061a72


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