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DJ Khaled - I Believe Ft. Demi Lovato (A WRINKLE IN TIME SOUNDTRACK) BEST

Kehlani's become somewhat of a commodity for big-budget soundtracks since her breakthrough project, 2015's You Should Be Here -- the Oakland R&B singer has appeared on three of them in the past two years (Fate of the Furious, Everything, Everything and Suicide Squad). For Ava DuVernay's ambitious, defiantly heartfelt A Wrinkle In Time, Kehlani is tapped yet again, this time for "Let Me Live." It's a trop-pop R&B ballad with steel drums, reverb'd toms and a simple, insistent guitar chord all swaying at once to Kehlani's singular beat. The lyrics are stadium-anthem poetics, universal and vague enough to be felt by everyone... and believed by no one.

DJ Khaled - I Believe ft. Demi Lovato (A WRINKLE IN TIME SOUNDTRACK)



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