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[S19E6] False Start [2021]

On January 3, 2022, it was announced that a crossover with the first season of spin-off NCIS: Hawaiʻi would be taking place on March 28, 2022, with Wilmer Valderrama and Katrina Law announcing they were traveling to Hawaii for filming. Showrunners of both series had previously mentioned crossing over and CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl had stated that discussion about a crossover would start after NCIS: Hawaiʻi finished its first batch of episodes.[23] Diona Reasonover and Gary Cole also made appearances on the NCIS Hawaiʻi episode of the crossover.[24] The series were previously connected in the thirteenth episode of NCIS: Hawaiʻi when it was revealed that NCIS: Hawaiʻi protagonist Jane Tennant was recruited to NCIS by Leroy Jethro Gibbs.[25] Vanessa Lachey appeared as Tennant in the NCIS episode of the crossover.[26] On April 29, 2022, it was reported that Jason Antoon would be appearing in the nineteenth episode of the season as his NCIS: Hawaiʻi character, Ernie Malik.[27]

[S19E6] False Start

In February 2021, it was reported by The Hollywood Reporter that series lead Mark Harmon had entered discussions to return for "a handful of episodes" for a nineteenth season after he was told that CBS would end the series if he left.[33] On March 10, 2021, it was announced that Katrina Law had been cast in the final two episodes of the eighteenth season, with the option to be promoted to series regular for the nineteenth season.[34] When the series was renewed, it was reported that Harmon would be returning.[28] On May 26, 2021, it was revealed that Emily Wickersham would be leaving the series after the eighteenth season.[35] Wickersham joins Maria Bello who left earlier in the eighteenth season.[36] On June 16, 2021, Variety reported that Gary Cole was in talks for a major role in the nineteenth season.[37] On June 21, 2021, TVLine reported that Harmon will only appear in a small number of episodes of the season.[38] The following day, it was confirmed that Law and Cole would be series regulars for the nineteenth season.[39] Law started as a series regular in the season premiere, "Blood in the Water", while Cole debuted in the second episode, "Nearly Departed".[40] Joe Spano returned as Tobias Fornell, while Pam Dawber returned as Marcie Warren.[29][41] On October 11, 2021, it was officially announced that Harmon would be departing the series, with the fourth episode, "Great Wide Open", being his last appearance as a regular. Harmon remains an executive producer and showrunner Steven D. Binder has left the door open for Harmon to appear in the future.[42][43] In the seventh episode, "Docked", Margo Harshman reprised her role as Delilah Fielding-McGee, while Patricia Richardson guest-starred in the same episode as Judy Fielding.[44] Meredith Eaton also reprised her role as Carol Wilson in an episode of the season.[45]

The case seemed to be a wild goose chase until the team uncovered Kyle started receiving threatening messages after shutting down the illicit website. They pulled that thread and uncovered a forwarding address from one of his buyers.

At Whole Foods, Craig's father Thomas is congratulated for Craig being gay, but he is unwilling to accept this. At Tweek's home, Tweek's parents celebrate and accept his gay status by rewarding him with money. As Cartman ponders the relationship of Tweek and Craig, he starts fantasizing again about his Cupid-like alter ego Cupid Me (last seen in "Cartman Finds Love"). Cupid Me visits Craig in his sleep and shoots him with a love arrow to help with their relationship. Cupid Me then begins to express his homosexual feelings for Cartman, who rejects him. The next day at school, the growing tension between Tweek and Craig leads to them fighting, but it is dismissed as a lovers' quarrel, and they are given money and dismissed without punishment.

Finally, Tino wants Rachel to know that he's very ready for her to meet his family. "I haven't had a doubt in weeks," he says, before they start smooching. Later in his confessional, Tino says that he "totally hit it out of the park" during his chat with Rachel. "This is a rose that I want more than usual. I'm really expecting it because I, like, literally think I'm her person."

[00:01:35] SY: Fear is a powerful motivator. I respect that. Okay. So eventually, even if it started with fear, you ended up doing coding. So at some point something resonated with you. When did that happen and what resonated with you about coding?

[00:04:53] JK: Yeah. We can get to some specifics too, but I just want to preface it all by saying like the projects that people were working on for me were less important than like them exploring things with code that they liked. Doing hackathons is really helpful too, just like making fun, goofy projects. I actually started a hackathon down there called the Stupid Shit & Terrible Ideas Hackathon.

Val's cousin Maureen is out and about with her kids when they run into her husband at his job. He's off to work on the church next, and asks if he should he put in a good word for a speedy start to labor with the big guy upstairs.

Across town, the Bryant family has a huge party for Warren, since they did that for the other kids. It's bittersweet, of course, but everyone seems to be appreciating the occasion. Lucille, who is in attendance, takes some lovely family pictures. Mr Bryant tries to pay her for the film, but obviously she says no. I won't lie, I feel pretty bad for misjudging Maureen at the start of this recap.

Later, Braylin tells Kyler that she feels bad about how mean they were to Ricky. They decide to apologize. Braylin has a plan, so they call Ricky into the room to show him their tits to make it up to him. Kyler was on board with the plan right up until Braylin spies Ricky's hardon and crawls across the couch to pull it out and start sucking him off. It only takes a moment of watching Braylin blowing her stepbrother for Kyler to decide she wants in on that, too. Joining her BFF for a sloppy double BJ, Kyler kicks off an epic Easter threesome.

A bunch of residents, attendings, and nurses are waiting in a hall, in front of a conference room. Reed is sure someone's getting fired. Charles says it wasn't even his patient, offending Cristina. Alex asks how long this is gonna take. Jackson naggingly asks him if he needs to make another phone call. Alex jumps up and starts fighting him, starting off another fight between the Mercy West and Seattle Grace residents. Mark, Owen, and Derek interfere. Richard comes out of the conference room and yells that it's enough. What happened to that patient tonight was inexcusable, and they're gonna be here until he finds out who's responsible for it. So until then, they're gonna sit down, stay quiet and wait to be called. They all sit down and Richard asks Owen to come in. On his way in, Cristina says she's not going down for this. "Someone is," he says before entering the conference room.

Now Cristina is sitting in the conference room. She says it was not her patient. She only had the chart for 2 seconds, but then she was called outside. Richard asks her to start from the beginning. She says she was paged to the ER.

In a flashback, Reed says they can help as Bailey needs Cristina to come with her. April and Reed each take a chart, jealous of Yang, who gets a good case while they're stuck with a crap case. Their patients are Cathy Becker and her son Danny. Reed takes Danny to the bed next to Cathy's. Reed and April start examining them while Cathy assures her son they're all right now. Reed and April talk about how the Seattle Grace residents hate them. April refuses to let them turn her into somebody they can hate as she's easy to like. Actually, it takes a while, Reed says. She hated April at first. April tells Cathy everything looks great so far. As April asks Cathy to open her mouth so she can check her airway, Cathy is shocked, seeing Charles' patient has an axe in his body. This is proof for Reed and April that they also get good cases. April returns to Cathy and tells her everything is looking good, although she asks Mark to take a look at the possibly third degree burn on her calf. Mark and Lexie come over.

Charles faints, hitting himself on the head with the axe. Blood squirts out of the patient as Bailey turns around to see what happened. She then quickly starts covering the wound. April rushes to her side to help apply pressure. While her patient is taken to the OR by April, Bailey asks Alex to clean up Charles' head wound.

Patient is a firefighter who fell three stories from a ladder. He has multiple fractures. Roy wakes up and starts asking about the kid he was with. No one answers, as they're too busy examining him. Derek comes over and checks his pupils, and he adds a head CT to the list of tests they need to run.

Owen and Cristina are about to go to the OR with Roy. They'll call Torres and Adamson when they're ready for them. Callie informs Roy his crew is in the waiting room; they'll let him see them after. They say he's a hero, but Roy wants them to tell his crew that he's sorry. He utters he almost had him, he felt his fingers in his hand, but then he missed a step. It was a stupid mistake. As he continues to panic, he suddenly goes into V-tach. Reed starts prepping the paddles, but Cristina thumps Roy's chest, fixing the problem. Reed lays the paddles down and behind their backs, Danny takes them into his hands. Cristina notices it and yells at him to stop. He starts crying.

Cathy came into the ER after a hotel fire. Cristina got the chart, but handed it off right away to April as she was called to another patient. She had burns on her chest and calf. Before April could check her throat, she was distracted by a patient with an axe in his chest. She said the burns on her chest were minor, but the one on her calf might be third degree, so she had Mark come look at it. Mark determined it was deep second-degree burning and left Lexie to treat it. After her burns were treated, she started complaining of pain from her chest burns. Cristina prescribed pain meds for her. Later, her lung collapsed, so Lexie went to put in a chest tube. Before she could, Jackson came in and relieved the pressure so she wouldn't die when Lexie put the tube in. Later, she stopped breathing. Charles and Reed tried to intubate, but they couldn't, so Alex did an emergency cricothyrotomy. She was stable, but then she got pulmonary edema. They worked hard. They have her pure oxygen and started a central line. Her organs all started shutting down. She started bleeding out and they weren't able to save her. Her death was traced back to April Kepner not checking her throat during her initial exam. There was soot in her throat, which is what started the chain reaction that led to her death. 041b061a72


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