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[S2E5] Family Blessings

When Marian still does not budge from her decision, Anne tells her that if she marries him, the family would sever all ties with her and not attend the wedding. She further requests her to refrain from telling Aunt Anne about her engagement, as the shock would be too much for her health to take. All this makes Marian feel torn between her family and Mr. Abbott, and she worries about her next step.

[S2E5] Family Blessings

Lady Whistledown: Duty. More than laws or faith, I have often thought it the bond that holds our fragile society together. Duty to rank and title. Fidelity to one's family name. It demands both utter obedience and total sacrifice. But what happens when such duty is in conflict with the heart's true desire? Why, then, there is the potential for a considerable scandal, indeed. The only question is, will the parties in question heed my warning? Or is it already too late to turn back to duty and away from desire?

Show Name: The Chosen Season 2 (Find the season 1 Chosen discussion questions and season 3 here) Rating: Not Rated (We would say G/PG)Age Suggestion: 8+Episode Length: 8 episodes that are 30-45 minutes eachWhere to Watch: Limited episodes available on Youtube, All Available on the (free) Chosen App, or at their website Warnings: While there definitely is content that we would label adult or disturbing in the New Testament, so far the show has done an excellent job of making this friendly for younger viewers. Not by sanitizing the stories, but by leaving things implied but not shown. Some of the content might be triggering for victims of abuse and parents should be aware that there is some violence. In general, this is a very family-friendly show.

When Gil and Kelly Jo Bates married in 1987, they didn't plan to have kids, but something changed over time; now they're parents to 19 children -- yes 19! When they range from toddler to 20-something and live under one roof, challenges abound, even for a tight-knit family like the Bates brood. Among those are the parents' strict rules, which include everyone's chores, watching little to no TV, and the girls wearing only dresses. Gil runs a tree service that employs some of his sons, while Kelly Jo stays home to make the meals and do the laundry, home schooling and other tasks. As the eldest child gets older, new issues -- including romance, careers and babies -- enter the picture.

TV-G. It's time for the annual family lake trip! Some of the kids go boating, some go skiing, some stay dry and others try to get everyone wet! Tori's gift card from her grandmother, for god grades, gets used to buy new clothing.

TV-G. In this one hour special we meet the lucky winner of the 20th Bates' contest and highlight their day with the Bates family! We will also be counting down the very best moments of the past year and get an exclusive look at the upcoming season.

As I reflect on this year, there are systems I have found I needed the most that were significantly lacking. The most significant of which are on-campus housing and affordable after-school programs. My campus and many other campuses do not have established family housing, nor temporary family housing. The only housing resource I was provided by the institution was a website of listings.

Having deceived his brother and father Jacob escaped to relatives in Haran. During the journey Jacob dreamed of a stairway between heaven and earth on which angels were ascending and descending to the Lord at the top. God reassured Jacob of his blessing and promise. Undeserving as he was, this promise sustained Jacob over the next twenty years as he worked for his uncle Laban and built a family and wealth. Eventually, Jacob returned to his home and was surprised to find that his brother, Esau, welcomed him with open arms.

3. Jacob Makes Peace with His Brother:(Genesis 32:1-33:11) Knowing he had previously treated his brother terribly, Jacob now carefully plans all sorts of appeasements leading up to meeting Esau again. He sends gifts and a request to be reunited. It appears he is willing to use his family as a cushion for his own protection. Jacob sends his wives, concubines and children on ahead to Esau while he, himself, stays behind.

Laban did not like it when Jacob said God wanted him to take his family and return to where he had come from. Jacob agreed to stay and work for a few more years. Jacob only had a few sheep but he tricked Laban and made sure he had many sheep before the time came to leave. God told Jacob it was time to go. Laban was angry but Jacob and his family left anyway.

- [Kehlani] Which is also another difference. And it just, I was so happy with it when it was done that it didn't even matter for the first time. It did not matter what this album did to me. I didn't give a fuck about the reviews, I didn't give a fuck about the numbers, I didn't give a fuck about the acknowledgement. Granted it got pretty cool fucking acknowledgements and really great reviews, but this is the first time that I was like, don't even tell me. I don't care. 'Cause wait till I tour it, wait till I tour it and you see the effects of what it's like to sing altar in a room full of people who are thinking of all the people that they lost and they're fine the entire concert until they start bawling, crying, and putting their hands in the sky. It's like church. I didn't even think my concert could do that. And we get to altar and people are clutching items they've inherited from their family members and it has become not a normal experience because of the way I've engulfed this album spiritually to where that's all that matters is the supporters, the fans in the room are feeling like this is different for us. 041b061a72


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