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[S3E6] Rest And Ricklaxation _HOT_

Toxic Rick at first continues to try to get Rick into the toxic tank, but eventually resolves to make the whole world toxic instead, using a Moon Tower to transmit the toxicity around the planet. At first Rick refuses to stop them, saying it's not his place to decide which dimensions are saved or destroyed, but upon getting slapped by Morty, he realizes that the detox machine removes toxicity in a user based on that person's definition of toxicity. Toxic Rick manages to turn the world toxic, driving it to total depravity and violence, just as Rick and Morty arrive. Rick realized that his normal self considered his irrational attachments to people toxic, thus he knows Toxic Rick cares too much about Morty to allow him to die: with this knowledge, he shoots Toxic Morty with a nanobotic virus that will destroy him in twenty minutes, cutting that time in half with each progressive shot until an agonized Toxic Rick finally agrees to re-merge with him. Restored to his former self, Rick turns off the toxicity beam and restores the world, but Morty flies away with a jetpack to avoid having to re-merge with his toxic self. Rick is left shocked that he didn't expect this.

[S3E6] Rest and Ricklaxation


Clean Rick reverts the situation by poisoning Toxic Morty, correctly deducing that the true Rick considered his compassion for Morty a weakness, meaning Toxic Rick has inherited that trait. Toxic Rick angrily merges with Clean Rick to save Toxic Morty, bringing back the true Rick. Clean Morty avoids merging back with his toxic counterpart and goes on to live a life as a stockbroker in New York City. Rick and Jessica track him down restore order by re-injecting Toxic Morty back into Clean Morty. In the post-credits scene, a tour of the same moonlight tower releases a frightened Stacy, who having assumed the tank was a sex dungeon frantically shouts out the safeword "sea cucumber."

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Plot: Earlier this year, Larry David announced the return of his acclaimed HBO comedy series to the relief of fans the world over. There's no current release date but rest assured knowing David is currently somewhere in the world getting himself into awkward trouble for your viewing pleasure. 041b061a72


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