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Download Luigi's Mansion (USA) | CIA File | 221M Fixed

If you are unable to import the seed regularly using FBI (for example, if you're unable to connect to the internet),download the seed manually using the link below and place the file into the sd:/fbi/seed folder.You should then be able to import the seed, the same way, even without an internet connection.Make sure not to change the file name of the downloaded file!

Download Luigi's Mansion (USA) | CIA File | 221M

There are two unused paths for the main mansion, called skul_23_1 and skul_23_2. "skul" refers to the skeleton ghosts called Mr. Bones, while "23" refers to the 23rd room in the mansion's data, the Courtyard. There are similarly-named path files for the Mr. Bones ghosts that appear in the Graveyard and in the Telephone Room, but no Mr. Bones appear in the Courtyard in the final game, rendering these paths unused. 041b061a72


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