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Scout Gaming has launched their award-winning fantasy sports product with Betsson. Players in Brazil are now given the chance to experience Daily Fantasy onshore on


"The operation and exploitation of the website, with also the domain, constitutes the violation and execution of the aforementioned crimes", states the complaint signed by two former prosecutors, Vinko Fodich and Alejandro Peña.

In mid-June, the authority indicated to Monticello that they were conducting an investigation on the matter and that they had referred the background to the Public Prosecutor's Office. "Now, with respect to the website, I am pleased to point out that this Superintendence, prior to the background information sent by you, was carrying out the analysis (...), concluding that it is an eventual exploitation of online games of chance, for which reason it will refer the background information to the Public Ministry for investigation", the authority responded to Dreams in official letter 990 dated June 24, 2021, which was replicated in the complaint filed by San Francisco Investment S.A., the operating company of Monticello. 041b061a72


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