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Kenwood Ham Radio Programming Software kpg 89d: A Complete Guide

The challenge with this software set is choosing which one is the best. Having said that, we have set the timing to synchronize the PC with the radio to it will not work on Windows 7. You need to do it on Windows 10.

Kenwood Ham Radio Programming Software kpg 89d

So with the Kenwood TK-8180, it is easy to set up, and the factory defaults are close to optimal. Depending on your radio equipment in place, you may need a USB to RS232 adapter to allow the computer to interface with the radio to allow it to receive and send messages. It can be done with a serial to serial adapter and some software that can be found at

Because when done all of this, we should be able to upgrade to the next firmware version that has the improved resync features. This radio has received a firmware update to Version 2.30, bringing the total number of firmware versions to is a good place to get a serial adapter, in fact, with our previous revision of the radio, it required a serial adapter to set it up. So we have one of those, and it works great. A serial to USB converter is another one that you can purchase, but if the Kenwood power supply is not compatible with the serial to usb converter, it will not work. USB to serial adapter does not need the Kenwood power supply to operate.

We should also mention that the firmware update is not backwards compatible. This means you need to update the software and then also update the firmware. If you have the firmware as of the version 2.

Each device is assigned a TX and RX channel. Pressing buttons Set Channel will autoload the channel in use. Picking up the radio youre connected to will bring up a menu to change channels, which sounds like this:


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