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Online Sunken Ship Games For Kids

One of the most popular board games in our catalog is Connect 4, in which you can select the board's size. Players that enjoy playing board games like Battleship, might also like Gomoku, raising the intellectual difficulty with a 32x32 board and 5 pieces to connect. For a casual and quick game, you can go for Tic-Tac-Toe, a 3x3 row game.

Online Sunken Ship Games For Kids

Boats come in many shapes an sizes - military ships, small fishing boats, cruise liners, submarines, trawlers and even little rubber life rafts. We use boats frequently for travel, leisure, fun and for transporting goods around the world. Boating games let you take to the water and complete a variety of different fun activities. Uphill Rush 6 for example is a fun and fast paced racing game - fly through a water slide and try out different tricks and flips. Jet Ski race on the other hand lets you take part in cool jet ski races through a variety of challenging tracks. Get your swimming gear on and enjoy our boat games today!

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Navy Games are watercraft driving and shooting games where the player navigates boats of the US Navy. Some days you've had enough of those army-based shooting games. That's when you should switch to our cool online Navy Games here at Control a huge US Navy battle ship and destroy enemies with your firepower. Dive around as a Navy Seal and rescue people from a sinking ship. Or be a member of the Air Force and support your army with an armed helicopter. What is your favorite free Navy Game here on

The navy is the sea-based armed force of a nation, assigned to defend a country and its people from attacks arriving from open waters. But it's mostly known for its big ships and spiffy uniforms. For the most part, this is also what the best navy games focus on. They let you take part in strategic battles on the open seas. Sometimes they involve defending against a fleet of pirate ships, requiring you to sink every last one of them through well-timed salvos from your cannons. A broadside might even sink a ship in one go, but it takes a while to line yourself up just right. Not to mention that it leaves you defenseless while you reload, in the unlucky event that you've missed the enemy boat. 041b061a72


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