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Jak And Daxter Pc Game 14

Daxter is a 2006 platform video game developed by Ready at Dawn and published by Sony Computer Entertainment on the PlayStation Portable on March 14, 2006. A spin-off of the Jak and Daxter series, Daxter takes place during the 2-year timeskip occurring during the opening cutscene of Jak II; unlike the other installments of the franchise focusing primarily on Jak, the game focuses on the adventures of his sidekick Daxter while Jak is imprisoned.

Jak And Daxter Pc Game 14

Players assume the role of Daxter in his role as a bug exterminator, while he is searching for his friend Jak throughout the game's story. Daxter can perform double jumping and ledge grabbing, can crouch to squeeze through narrow gaps, make use of trampolines to reach higher ledges and ride on ziplines, and make use of vehicles to move around the game world's map. Portals and gateways are encountered within the main environment which lead to locations containing missions that players must complete in order to advance the story.

Combat in the game focuses mainly on melee attacks using an electronic blue eco powered bug-swatter, with players able to perform combo attacks on multiple enemies. After the initial missions, the player gains access to an extermination tank which sprays green eco-based bug spray to stun enemies, with it later able to be upgraded with several new functions, including a jet pack to allow Daxter to fly, a flamethrower modification which can improve the effectiveness of the jet pack, and an ultrasonic attachment that shoots blue eco-based high radial damage projectiles. Damage taken from enemies and certain environmental hazards can be recovered by collecting green eco health packs, while the spray tank's supply can be regenerated by absorbing green eco clusters.

Two forms of collectibles can be found during the game, including Golden Bug-Gems, similar to the Metalhead Gems from the second and third installment of the Jak and Daxter series, along with the traditional Precursor Orbs, the latter of which can be used to unlock special features. In addition, players can unlock unique items by breaking picture frames found hidden throughout the game, and with a Jak X game connected to Daxter, can alter the character's goggles and, if the connected save file is 100% complete, a modified Hover Scooter paint scheme.

During the course of the game, Daxter can unlock "Dream Sequences", a series of five bonus games located in a bedroom behind Osmo's shop and unlocked by collecting Precursor Orbs. These mini-games feature Daxter dreaming himself into various movies as the hero, and on completing them will gain either a new attack ability, a health upgrade or attain gold, website codes or character costume modifications.

Throughout the game, Daxter will occasionally collect 'Combat Bugs', bugs which are used in a combat sport similar to "rock, paper, scissors". These bugs can be enhanced by collecting combat bug tokens or potions which are found hidden throughout the levels. The Combat Bug mini-game is not part of the game campaign and is accessed through the game start menu.

The game takes place in the final months of the 2-year gap presented in the opening of Jak II (and the aftermath of The Precursor Legacy), between the moment when Jak is taken prisoner by the Krimzon Guard and the time in which Daxter finally rescues him from the Krimzon Guard Fortress. The introduction shows Jak being captured, while Daxter manages to escape. Almost two years later (having no luck with rescuing Jak), Daxter has forgotten all about finding his friend. An old man named Osmo, whom Daxter meets, hires Daxter as an exterminator working in various parts of Haven City, and occasionally its environs, to exterminate bug-like Metal Heads referred to in-game as 'Metal Bugs'. During his adventures, Daxter meets a mysterious woman named Taryn who, despite being less than impressed by Daxter's interest in her, occasionally helps him.

When Daxter tries to stop Kaeden from escaping the shop, Kaeden suddenly blows up the shop with a bomb he placed in the shop earlier. Daxter and Osmo survive, and Daxter promises to stop Kaeden, but only after he rescues Jak. Daxter infiltrates the Fortress and finds Kaeden, who reveals himself to be a giant Metal Bug. Daxter manages to defeat Kaeden, who tries to warn him that Kor is waiting outside for them, and then uses a hover platform to begin searching for Jak within the Fortress, leading into the opening cutscene from Jak II. After this, the game cuts to a point later in the timeline at Daxter's Naughty Ottsel Bar, where he is recounting the story to Jak, Keira, Samos, Tess, and Taryn.

Daxter features simplified gameplay elements present throughout the series, featuring a mix of platforming, action and driving. Daxter can use the electric bug swatter for melee combat and the spray gun with three modifications for close range combat, both of which can also be helpful for traversing large areas. He can also drive vehicles such as Betsy, the service zoomer, the ranger zoomer and the scooter, which are used to combat Metal Bugs and traverse Haven City respectively.

Daxter is a third person three-dimensional platformer, in which the player controls Daxter, an ottsel working for the Kridder Ridder extermination company. Daxter's core moveset makes use of his electric bug swatter and spray gun, which are unique to the game. The electric bug swatter allows Daxter to attack enemies with repeated taps of , while the spray gun with allows him to spray gas, fire or ultrasonic waves to harm or kill bugs, as well as to traverse large distances.

The majority of missions simply involve Daxter combating bugs, though a few require the use of Betsy in Breezy Valley or the ranger zoomer on Emerald Isle to complete objectives instead. The dream mode side missions are button pressing minigames which do not advance the story, but can teach Daxter new techniques or upgrade his hit points.

Dream mode sequences are minigames based on real world films featuring Daxter as the hero and The Precursor Legacy characters as enemies. There are six in total. Three grant Daxter an additional hit point upon completion, while the other three unlock a new technique with the electric bug swatter.

Bug combat is a fighting sport minigame in which the player pits bugs to fight against other bugs. Bugs are unlocked by collecting bug cages, upgraded by feeding them bug juice vials, and up to three battle tokens can be used in battle with various effects, all of which are found in-game. Each bug has a level ranging from one to ten, and has access to three attack types: claw, spit and trap. The minigame is similar to rock, paper, scissors. Where trap beats claw, claw beats spit, and spit beats trap. Players can either fight a computer opponent or other players in multiplayer.

Daxter is set in Haven City, sharing a setting with Jak II, to which the game is a prequel. However, Daxter explores more welcoming, far less gritty areas of Haven. The new areas visited are typically more recreational and leisure focused, and of the old areas revisited, Daxter never visits the more run-down areas such as the Slums.

The game's story takes place in the final months of the 2-year gap presented in the opening of Jak II (and the aftermath of The Precursor Legacy) and begins by showing Jak being captured by Erol and the Guards, and Daxter's lucky escape. Almost two years later, Daxter is in a bar telling one of his tall tales to a group of men. After almost everyone leaves, an old man listening in on Daxter's story asks him to tell him "the one about how he can knock guards silly with a single blow". The man then introduces himself as Osmo who works for the Kridder Ridder extermination company and asks Daxter if he'd like a job working for him. Daxter refuses but Osmo gives him the job anyway.

Meanwhile, Metal Kor tells Kaeden that Daxter must not be allowed to rescue Jak. However, he mentions that, should Kaeden fail, he could still meet them outside the prison in the guise of a human Kor. After sneaking through the Krimzon Guard-infested prison, Daxter is about to rescue Jak when Kaeden arrives and asks if he likes killing Metal Bugs. Before Daxter could answer, Kaeden transforms into Metal Kaeden and attacked. After an intense battle, Kaeden says that whatever happened, the city will be theirs anyway, and dies. Daxter then heads off to save Jak, leading into the opening cutscene from Jak II. The final scene shows the cast of Jak II listening to Daxter's story in the Naughty Ottsel. Taryn arrives at the door and winks at Daxter, thus ending the game.

Daxter was developed by Ready at Dawn as their first game. It was announced on April 11, 2005.[1] It was also announced that the player could import characters from Daxter to Jak X: Combat Racing, which was being developed concurrently by Naughty Dog.

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Jak and Daxter is, perhaps, an odd title to adapt on the face of it, given that there hasn't been a new entry in the Naughty-Dog-developed series since 2009's The Lost Frontier, but there's no denying the games' bold, breezy, and already strongly cinematic aesthetic has plenty of family friendly appeal that would comfortably lend itself to the big screen.

Curiously, Fleischer's latest revelation follows comments by actor Tom Holland - who stars as a young Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted film - saying he'd love to play Jak in "a really weird and dark" live-action version of Jak and Daxter if another video game adaptation was in his future. Time will tell if that's mere coincidence or something more. 350c69d7ab


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